Alcatel Mobile: Iceland

February 2018

Alcatel Mobile is a French brand of mobile telephones owned by Finnish company Nokia. They are a constant client of mine and one reason why I love working with them is because they believe in my creative vision.

This video was my first real job overseas when I was 18. My friend and I always dreamed of going to Iceland but we never did anything to make it happen. We would meet every Saturday and discuss how we could make it happen. We contacted over 200+ companies in hoped to get a sponsored trip, but no one wanted to. We then contacted Alcatel Mobile and they were happy to sponsor everything, from flights for me and my friend, accommodation, excursions, food etc. We wanted to build a strong relationship with them so we kew we had to make the best video yet. We found some incredible locations such as a black sand beach, a DC-3 plane wreck site, a geothermal river and geysers, incredible waterfalls, and we even got to see the northern lights. Being my first real video job, this is a job I'll never forget.


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