September 2019

Six60 is a five member New Zealand soul/pop band. They are very well known in New Zealand and even around the world, having been on tour with artists as big as Ed Sheeran.

Six60 is a client of Visual Artform, a creative agency that focuses on creating all forms of visual art. They hired me to go down to Los Angeles to capture behind the scene content during Six60's visit to LA. They came to LA to finish off their new album and to create content for the release. I joined them at the studio where I got some shots of them vibing and mastering the final version of their album.

The following day I joined them all day at Hubble Studio where I captured footage of them doing their album cover photoshoot. The next morning, I went with the boys to Venice Beach where we took some more photos as well as created a short music video for their song "Please Don't Go".


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