Bamboo Private Island

October 2018

Bamboo Private Island is an island straight out of a dream. It's an island located 3 hours south of Coron Island in the Philippines. The island consists of only 4 little huts for guests to sleep in. For anyone that wants to experience what its like being stranded on a tropical little island, this is the perfect place to be. I was in contact with the owners of the islands and we agreed that I would create a promotional video for them in exchange for a free 4 night stay for me and my 3 friends.

The staff was incredible! Every day, there would be 3 meals, breakfast lunch and dinner. The food was all made from local ingredients that were grown on an island across from Bamboo Private Island. The staff was kind enough to take us to the island to see where all the food that we eat was grown. Daily activities included snorkelling (some of the most beautiful coral reefs I've ever seen), paddle boarding, beach volleyball, wind surfing etc.. Being the only ones on the island, was the most relaxing experience and an amazing place to getaway with your friends or loved ones.


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