Cheat Codes

July 2019, February 2020

The Cheat Codes are a music DJ trio based out of Los Angeles. The group consists of 3 members, Kevi, Trevor and Matt. 

I had the opportunity to meet them in Croatia 2019 when they visited Croatia to preform at Ultra Europe. I spent 4 days with them capturing behind the scenes content for Ultra Europe's social media pages. I joined them on various different activities during their stay in Croatia including their performance at Ultra in Split and their after party show at Club 585 on the island of Bol.

After that, I put together a video for their track "No Service in the Hills" featuring Trippie Red, Blackbear and Princess Rosie using footage captured at Ultra. The following month, I joined them on the first stop of their tour in Boston, their first show using live instruments. I also followed them along to different radio interviews, including an interview at iHeart radio headquarters in Boston.


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