Vampped Vacancy

April 2019

Vampped is a influencer marketing agency based out of Los Angeles. During Coachella Weekend, they put on an event called Vampped Vacancy. They threw an amazing party on two combined properties which also included a large grass field, a pool and an airplane hangar. My role was to film a recap of the party for them to use on social media.

The party was one of a kind with sponsors like Harley Davidson, Sugarbear Hair, RideSpin and many more. There were many different activation zones that I had to film such as the hangar where there was a glow in the dark party, the garage where guests could customise Harley Davidson shirts, a tent where you could get free tattoos, the second DJ booth by the pool and more.

The party was very exclusive with influencers attending such as Jay Alvarrez, Hayes Grier, Cameron Dallas, Jay Steevie, Charly Jordan, Eva Gutowski and so many more.


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