Camaya Bali

October 2018

Camaya Bali is a luxurious villa that became popular after a number of influencers started posting pictures on their famous "net bed". They are based in East Bali in Sidemen Valley.

I visited the villa with two friends that I had met the previous day in Bali. Judit (@juditoms) is a Spanish model that I follow that happened to be in Bali the same time as me. The second model is Andrea (@andreabadendyck), who is a famous Norwegian blogger that I've also been following for some years now that I just happened to run into on the street in Canggu. I asked them both if they were willing to come spend the day with me creating content for this villa and they were both very excited to join. We spent the day at the beautiful villa shooting content and just enjoying ourselves. The owners were very friendly, and even gave us beautiful drinks to use for the video as well as setting up pillows and blankets on the "net bed"for even better looking content.


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