Custom Bracelets

October 2015 - June 2018

I'm the type of person that can never sit still. One day I found my moms "letter stamp" (metal letters that can me used to emboss items such as spoons and other types of metals), so I decided to play around and write some messages on coins I found around the house. I wanted to make a bracelet out of the coin, however there were no holes which made it impossible. I looked around my dads tools in the garage and I found the perfect solution: a washer! I was sick and I didn't go to school that day so I spent the rest of the day making bracelets. Being only 16 at the time, I didn't see this as more than a hobby, until things started to get a little more serious. 

I posted some pictures online of the bracelets I made and I got an INCREDIBLE amount of people requesting me to make them a bracelet. That was the start of "That Was Awesome Inc". I didn't have a website or proper packaging the first little while but people all over the world were ordering through my Instagram direct. In the 2.5 years I was selling the bracelets, I made around 1,000 custom bracelet, each with a different quote, all made by myself.

Since I was also making a large portion of money from these bracelets, I decided that I wanted to help charities at the same time. One year into the project, I decided that  20% of each sale would be donated to a different charity each month. 


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