Suspicious Antwerp

February 2019

Suspicious Antwerp is a clothing company started by a group of friends in Antwerp, Belgium. They gained popularity on social media because they got the attention of many A-list stars such as Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Vanessa Hudgens, Cole Sprouse, Barbara Palvin and more.

In February 2018, my friend Nicole Fonseca and I pitched Suspicious Antwerp an idea of filming a promotional video on the islands of The Bahamas. The goal was to create an exciting video showcasing their newly released clothing in a number of unique locations such as Pig Beach, Iguana Beach, the beautiful blue waters of Exuma, Owl Hole and more. Filming took place on Grand Bahama Island, and the islands of Exuma. We connected with a local named Jonathan, who took us around the island showing us some of the best photo spots, the best food, and the best experiences. A trip we'll never forget.

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